Family History

Summer, 1984

Back when a fellow named Ronald Reagan was president, when I was still on the fun side of thirty, I quit my job to take a few months off. To quote Theodore Roosevelt, it was my last chance to be a boy. To be able to sleep in each morning and not have to catch the 7:15 bus to work. No deadlines to meet, no bosses to please. The day was mine and mine alone to enjoy and explore. Why, I didn’t even have to shave if I did not feel like it!

To recapture some fond childhood memories, I ended up spending over three weeks with both sets of my grandparents, all of whom were still in good health. I took advantage of this extended time to learn more about my family’s history, sitting down with each one with a tape recorder as they recounted their stories. I also dug into family records such as births and deaths recorded in old bibles and faded newspaper clippings. A few years later, I condensed all the information into the documents whose blog links are listed below.

Paternal Grandfather: The Wilsons

Paternal Grandmother: The Caudles

Maternal Grandfather: The Nielsens

Maternal Grandmother: The Tveits

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