Background: Let’s Do a Blog!

June, 2013 — June, 2014

Following the big move over here, my first year and a half in Thailand was replete with both pleasant experiences and frustrating challenges. During that period, while maintaining a rather mundane diary, I only produced eleven, mostly humorous, postings. Rather skimpy output for someone who fancies himself a writer. However, purchasing a MacBook Air laptop in October of 2012 changed all that. Now I could use the wireless network in my apartment for my internet work instead of having to trudge down the street to the cafe and squeeze myself in alongside a pair of shabby Russian tourists fumbling around trying to book hotel accommodations. Blogging would take place in the privacy of my room, like a few other secret passions of mine.

Due to health troubles and some other distractions, I didn’t get around to launching my website on WordPress until late spring of 2013. In addition to gathering all my old humorous blogs in one central location, I also saw how I could use this site to create a new weekly one that would cover my many escapades in a foreign country (something I bet no one had ever thought of doing before). Less parody, more real life. The nitty gritty.

To browse a few of my observations and encounters, CLICK HERE.

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