Overview: A Tour of Asia

September, 2008 — February, 2009
Four and a Half Months


After surviving the sometimes arduous Globetrotting Trip in 2007-08, I realized how useful these extended overseas adventures could be for avoiding the miserable winters in the U.S. It was such a delight to be sitting in an internet cafe on a balmy December morning and read about the vicious blizzard that had dumped a foot of snow back on the East Coast, or the record monthly rainfall gloomy Seattle was enduring.

For this expedition, I decided to combine pleasant weather with my passion for Asia. Beginning with Korea — a great experience during my last trip — I’d follow the seasons south: a month in Taiwan (which I had never visited); a short stint in the Philippines; then an extended stay in exciting Thailand punctuated by a quick jaunt to Kuala Lumpur. In addition to enjoying yet another warm winter, I would be in the midst the world’s most alluring and feminine women. And as always I would find humor in my situations.


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