Background: Interesting Times

March, 2020 — November, 2022

There’s nothing like a Global Pandemic to inspire to launch of a new blog. With billions of people at risk, there will undoubtedly be billions of stories to tell. I’ve decided to add mine to the mix.

My goal is simple: describe how the coronavirus threat is affecting my life here in Bangkok — a city I’ve resided in for almost a decade. Along with my fellow ex-pats, I am facing the possibility of getting seriously ill in a country whose medical resources are very limited. The actions I take — or, equally important, do not take — might be useful to others.

To say I’m concerned is of course an understatement. One has to go back a century to the Spanish Flu, which may have killed fifty million people, to find a comparable threat. True, our medical knowledge and prevention techniques are light years removed from what was available to our great-grandparents. But today’s modern world is a beehive of connectivity and has never had to deal with a virulent contagion. Months of uncertainty lie ahead.

Makeshift hospital, circa 1918.