Day 14: R & R

September 16, 2002
No Miles  No Map

When I get my own apartment again someday, I really must purchase one of these La-z-Boy recliners. This is what’s been missing in my life.

Today I made a second call to the parents. I had spoken with them last night to let them know I’m still alive but had a couple of follow-up items. Since dad is tracking my progress on a U.S. Road Atlas, I want to try and keep him better informed.

Thus far, the big events of my stay in Butte have been an afternoon nap and buying deodorant at K-Mart. And let’s not forget that chicken lunch at the Colonel’s place. He’s now offering A & W Root Beer, so I had the best of all possible meals. Finished it in near-record time, too. (Though I’m resting, my appetite is not taking the day off!)

I believe the Best Western Hotel across the street is the same one I stayed at way back in 1984 when I was doing the move from Iowa to Seattle to start work at a company called Airborne Express (now defunct). United Van Lines was handling my furniture, so it was just me and my trusty Ford Pinto making the long drive. A young man going west to seek his fortune; his whole life in front of him. 

Were I to somehow magically cross paths with that twenty-something fellow, I’d offer him two pieces of advice: First, to find and follow his passions such as I’m doing now. The second would be to invest in Microsoft the minute they go public.

Went to a mall cinema tonight for a real movie as opposed to the commercial-infested ones offered on cable TV. Mel Gibson in Signs. I liked the sometimes entertaining, surreal plot and the way the aliens were woven into the story line instead of just popping up and saying Boo!  Before the movie, I took a few moments in the parking lot for another gander at the majestic Rockies. Felt a real sense of accomplishment at having come this far.

    Today:     None — Rest Day
    To Date:  696 Miles / 1,120 Kilometers

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