Day 26: Cyclone Payback!

September 28, 2002
Sundance, WY to Sturgis, SD
54 Miles Google Map

Being just one state over now courtesy of my trip, I’m watching the Iowa State/Nebraska football game live from Ames, Iowa. I got settled in just as the opening drive of the second half began. So far, the Cyclones are really taking it to the Cornhuskers. Unbelievable. Considering all those years (decades) that Nebraska with its superior teams just drilled Iowa State, this is a contest to savor. I’m sure that my dad — an ISU alum — is enjoying this even more than I.

As for my riding, I am getting worn down from the ceaseless wind. This morning as I wandered through some fog, it was gently coming out of the northeast. Not a problem and I made good time. Then, after I’d crossed into South Dakota and headed vaguely southeast, it shifted and was once more in my face, this time stronger though not like the near-hurricane of yesterday. It didn’t dramatically impede my efforts; it just pissed me off. This past week (today is Saturday) has been a continual battle with the elements, which detracts from the enjoyment of watching the countryside pass by. 

The distance covered today included four extra miles from having to use Highway 14 in place of my old friend, I-90. The state of South Dakota prohibits bikes on the Interstate. But thanks to the motel people back in Sundance, I received a map which showed how to get to Sturgis using a backdoor route. However, I can’t say I enjoyed it very much. While I could see nearby I-90 flowing serenely over the hills, I was bobbing up and down like a cork on Highway 14. First, I’d be below the Interstate. Then, as a ridge approached, my road would go up over it at a point some five to ten meters higher before descending back down into the depths. 

News Flash! Final Score: ISU 36, Nebraska 14. What a great moment for the program and I’m glad I was able to share the thrill thanks to ABC. Watching the fans swarm onto the field…the ecstatic, Gatorade-drenched coach…all those years of despair forgotten — at least for the moment.

Have to call the family.

    Today:          54 Miles 
    To Date:  1,277 Miles / 2,055 Kilometers

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