Day 5: Dusty Hamlets

September 7, 2002 
Waterville to Wilbur
71 Miles Google Map

A day where I extended big time. The original plan was to go forty miles to a place called Coulee City south of the great dam on the Columbia River. But after arriving there, and enjoying a hamburger and chocolate shake lunch at a run-of-the-mill eatery, I found I still had plenty of gas in the tank, so I added a solid afternoon of cycling that has placed me within a day’s ride of good old Spokaloo (Spokane). 

My ambition knowing no bounds, I even managed to tackle the laundry after locating a hotel in what is another dry, Eastern Washington village. The manager was thoughtful enough to provide the detergent. Can’t beat hospitality!

Hard to believe I went so far on what is still the first week of my journey.

    Today:       71 Miles
    To Date:  251 Miles / 404 Kilometers

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