The Soul Mate Dental Hygienist…Well Maybe Not

Jul 24, 2010

It’s now official: I’ve definitely decided to make the move to Thailand! Strangely, there was no anguished soul searching or any drama involved; it simply feels like the right thing to do given my situation. My dentist became first to find out when I instructed him to search for any tooth troubles that might rear their ugly heads while I’m overseas. (And I am happy to report that everything appears OK!)

Included in my joyous dental visit was a teeth cleaning done by a woman named Denise. She has lived in France and has a real appreciation of the benefits of travel. My ears perked up when she said she wanted to someday do a trip around the world. I liked talking with her — not that I was able to do much speaking as she scrapped away at the stubborn tartar.

Now, some people (my grandmother comes to mind) might suggest that maybe I should get to know Denise since we share a passion. This will not happen. Denise is average looking and it wouldn’t hurt if she lost a few pounds. She also has a high school-age daughter. Not very enticing since I know from experience I can find a woman complete with child in Thailand who would be both slimmer and cuter. And because of the different culture and language, I would not be expected over there to play the starring role in (Step) Father Knows Best.

The other reason for my lack of enthusiasm is Denise’s comment about finding a man with money to pay travel expenses for the aformentioned world trip. Yes, it was uttered it in a lighthearted manner, but the thought is obviously there. Maybe she’ll run into one. As for me, if I’m going to be opening my wallet for a woman, I think I can find better value on the other side of the Pacific.

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