With Two Kids

Gae is a Beer Garden woman whom I had decided not to help during the troubles brought on by the virus. As mentioned in an earlier posting, she did not thank me for my Christmas gift of money, causing me to see her as ungrateful. However, as I got to thinking about this, I began to wonder if the problem was language related. Gae’s English is poor and my Thai atrocious. Perhaps she did not understand me when I tried to explain my holiday generosity. And maybe I was too hasty in passing judgement.

I called her up in mid April to try and start over.

This turned into a challenge. Her young daughter was playing around in the background, often screaming. Then the son would join in. It sounded like I’d dialed into a lunatic asylum. Even if Gae had been speaking perfect English, I’d have had trouble following what she was saying. I did pick up enough to learn that the place where she had been working (a flower shop) was closed. Also that she and her children were not able to get to her parents’ home in Myanmar.

Clearly a family in need. I would lend a hand. This time around I didn’t waste words, simply saying, “I will give you” followed by the Thai word for ten thousand baht. Gae got it, allowing me to mercifully end the call. The next day, after I’d done my duty, I sent a text message informing her, receiving a thank you (!!) in reply. More than that, actually. She invited me to come visit her “room”. This was intriguing, a chance to see how a family is coping with the covid-19 lockdown. However, before I enter a confined space with two energetic children, I’d need a couple drinks. Will have to think about this.

Despite our improved relations, I don’t see Gae becoming a friend due to the language barrier. She also can be a bit aggressive for my tastes. I was reminded of this a few days ago when her phone went on the fritz. The below were all sent within a span of four minutes:

“Monte My phone is broken”
“I don’t have email”
“This phone is Huawei, cannot use email.”

I did not answer. Not the kind of problem I am going to concern myself with. But I will continue with monthly assistance until she is back at work, though I do not know when that will be.

I’ll have to try and stay in touch — and brush up on my Thai!

Not a crisis.

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