My Evolution

For some reason, I never bought into the American Dream. Some of you Baby Boomers may remember how it was pitched to us: a split level home with a two-car garage and white picket fence. A spacious, green backyard containing a swing set and doghouse. A loving, supportive spouse and 1.75 kids, all with straight teeth. Oh, and let’s not forget that promising career with an established company!

Not for me, thanks. I yearned to discover what lay over the horizon, be-yond numbingly comfortable suburbia. So starting in my late twenties, I began using my hard-earned money and vacation time to travel abroad. First it was England and Europe, followed by Australia/New Zealand. Then business trips to the Far East opened up that part of the world for me, casting such a spell that I took a four year sabbatical from my IT career to teach English in Japan and South Korea in my mid-to-late thirties.

But the real fun began when thanks to a frugal lifestyle and fortuitous investing, I was able to exit the rat race at age forty-eight. Suddenly I had the means — along with the motivation — to fully indulge my adventure cravings. By this time I’d developed an entertaining, often satirical style of writing for my travel blogs. It made for fun reading and helped keep me sane.

As part of my meanderings, I happened to stumble upon Thailand. This was such a delightful change of pace that in October of 2010 I obtained what’s called a Retirement Visa from the Thai government and made this my new home (See Moving To Siam). My modest worldly possessions are at present in a 12′ by 15′ storage unit back in Seattle, Washington, leaving me with a wardrobe of six t-shirts, a couple pairs of shorts and jeans, mismatched socks and a worn pair of Nikes. More than enough for the daily challenges of this sometimes exasperating country. Take a look at Bangkok Diary to see the fun(?) I’ve been having.



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