Day 30: Me & My Migraine

October 2, 2002
White River 
No Miles  No Map

“I woke up today, I was crying. Lost in a lost world.”
The Moody Blues

During the final ten miles of yesterday’s finishing sprint, my upper right leg began hurting on the pedal downstroke. I had to use my left one for three quarters of the power. That alone is reason enough to take a day off. It was also plenty cold this morning — forty-two degrees (F) — with some more of that beloved north wind. No snow, however. 

The migraines I suffer from involve a sharp throbbing on the right side of my head. As I’ve mentioned, they are not incapacitating, but certainly not much fun with excessive stress being one of the triggers. My vigorous cycling yesterday combined with the frustrating search for the missing room key fit the bill perfectly, and I awoke this morning with particularly bad one. Having to endure it in a cold, bleak, South Dakota town only makes it that much more depressing. I’ve spent the entire day in bed with the shades drawn, sleeping when I could and trying to ward off gloomy thoughts. The idea of somehow getting on a bike tomorrow and exerting myself to any degree is nearly unbearable.

The Advil I brought with me for these special occasions only takes the edge off. I have no choice but to wait it out.

Am looking forward to getting into the eastern part of the state. More people and development; maybe some warmer weather.

    Today:     None — Day Off
    To Date:  1,451 Miles / 2,335 Kilometers

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