Back Together

Dec 7, 2010

After finishing the previous entry with its attendant soul searching, I decided it was time to try and change my ways. I went over to Rasamee’s bar that night, explained that I missed her and, for lack of better words, that I wanted her back. Forget about quitting her job. Stay in Pattaya. We returned to my place and had a magical reunion. It is true what they say about make-up sex.

This blissful state of affairs lasted four days. The night before it ended, my Bangkok friend Alex had come down to Pattaya and given me a tour of Walking Street. (A famous area of the city I’d yet to visit.) By the time we had finished hitting a few go-gos, it was past midnight. Getting home some forty-five minutes later, instead of going straight to bed, I had some candy and did a bit of reading. This was a lazy, foolish thing to do. Soon the sugar hit and before I knew it, I’d wasted most of the night and was dead tired.

That was Sunday. Monday night Rasamee came for a sleepover. I was leaving for Bangkok the next morning and was going to let her stay at the apartment while I was gone so she could take a few leisurely afternoon naps. (Her room, which she shares with a half-dozen or so girls from her bar, is a rather noisy, chaotic place. Like a college dormitory.)

It all started out well enough. We watched some TV and snuggled. When bedtime rolled around, I received a nice massage, which was both needed and appreciated. If Rasamee had simply stopped at that point to let me drop off to dreamland, I think everything would have turned out fine. But no, instead we moved on to love making, which reopened a disagreement about using condoms. (Surprisingly, I’m the one who wants to be careful. She, on the other hand, trusts me.)

Afterwards, it was time for The Great Post-Coital Wrestling Match. Following any “boom boom” (the Thai slang for the act), Rasamee likes to cuddle. Since I desperately needed to get some rest in preparation for my Bangkok trip, and cannot sleep with someone draped over me, I gently tried to nudge her back over towards her side of the bed. After repeated attempts, she decided that I was in some way rejecting her and began crying. Wanting only to get some quality shut-eye, I finally ended up asking her to leave. This resulted in a long drawn out silence between us. To try and break the tension, I got up, turned on the lights, and busied myself with a few minor tasks. Perhaps realizing how frazzled I was, she at last departed. Returning to a bed that was now exclusively my own, I drifted down into an uneasy slumber. 

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