But Not For Long!

Dec 8, 2010

This morning, as I looked back at the mess last evening turned into, I decided a Thai girlfriend was simply not worth the hassle. Accordingly, I sent off another one of my patented email goodbyes. In it I explained to Rasamee I could not sleep well when she came over and that she would not be visiting again. On the surface this sounds like a silly reason, but the language barrier prevents me from delving into the real cause, which is that her intimacy and emotional needs are too much for me.

Later, while on my way to breakfast, I saw her up on the stairway leading to her third floor room. Judging from the way she beamed at me, it was clear she had not read my message yet. I waved, briefly returned the smile, but didn’t stop to chat like I normally do. Not sure if that made any kind of impression one way or another.

Coming up on two months in this country, the women remain an enigma. I’m especially puzzled by what I see as their tendency to fumble the ball. All I wanted from my old flame Oiy, for example, were but a few emails telling me about her family before we reconnected. Rasamee just needed to move over to her side of the bed without complaint. These were not unreasonable requests from my perspective, but were somehow seen as demonstrating a serious lack of interest and affection. Is their self-esteem that fragile? Maybe I can find some kind of Thai Women For Dummies book to enlighten me.

In any event, I still intend to honor a promise I made to Rasamee to give her some Christmas cash. I admire the way she saves her tips and salary in order to provide for her family back home. It’s doubtful my gift will entirely cover her myriad of debts, which includes payments on a couple of motorbikes, but it will certainly help. At some level, despite our misunderstandings, I’m becoming a friend.

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