Rowdy Rasamee

Oct 26, 2010

Though my bar expeditions have been rewarding, I still was longing for a special someone with whom I could enjoy more than the occasional game of pool. Accordingly, I expanded my search and after finishing my Eight Ball Rounds one night, went to a place one block south of the bar complex called Boomerang. This is a roomy drinking establishment that features live music. In the past, the ladies there had dressed as schoolgirls and I’d had a couple of interesting take-home dates. This year, however, it seemed rather dead with no one in uniform. 😂 My waitress for the evening, who went by the bar girl name of Lawt, chewed gum and could not play pool very well. But I was moved by her story, about how she’d come to Pattaya to make some money to help the family back home, and gave her three hundred baht (about $10) when I left.

The next night, I decided to see Lawt again and ended up having one of the best times I’ve ever experienced here! I even learned her real name: Rasamee. With a live band providing some quality music (The Beatles), we drank, laughed and developed the hornies for each other. Initially, she had another customer to wait on but I didn’t mind, that after all being her job. Once he left, however, she gave me her full attention with more or less constant physical contact. 

Overcome by the spirit of the evening, I blurted out a promise to come back the following night, pay Rasamee’s bar fine and take her home. (It’s fun to build the anticipation.) It was at this point, when all appeared to be going so well, that we hit a major bump in the road.

Alcohol is world-renowned as a social lubricant. What it also can do is reveal things about a person one might not uncover right away. And so it was here. Earlier, Rasamee had said that the boss discouraged the girls from having wine or liquor by taking it out of their tips. I replied that she should feel free to order whatever she wanted since I was footing the bill. (This is my usual strategy: get the lady loaded.) So what does she do but go get a large bottle of beer with two glasses of ice — one for her and one for another waitress. If I’d stopped to think about it, the opportunity of meeting a second woman that night (who wasn’t bad looking at all) should not have been a major inconvenience. But being somewhat of a control freak, I was annoyed because my “date” had not cleared this with me first. Then she did the unpardonable. Grabbing me by the back of the neck like some scruffy animal, she laughingly forced me to take a couple sips of the beer over my protests.

For me, it’s the coercion, not the booze. I don’t care for beer, but I can drink it. However, I don’t like being handled, even if it’s in a joking manner. My instincts began warning me that this woman might be a bit much and that I should make a polite exit. I elected to follow this inner voice despite an overall fun evening, departing as pleasantly as I could while mentioning that tomorrow night would not be good for her going home with me. She was puzzled, of course, but there’s no way I could tactfully explain that I’d gotten a bad feeling about her and needed to get the hell out of there.

And so ended the initial encounter with the woman who would become my Thai girlfriend.

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