Nov 3, 2010

Awaking from my guilty nap this afternoon, I was treated to the sight of a dozen or so small ants crawling about the bathroom sink. This was the third or fourth attack this week, beginning Sunday morning when they were all over the bathroom counter. My main concern is with my health — I don’t like having to use the bug spray every day, breathing in the fumes. It also means having to keep my toothbrush and other dental tools in the main room.

It’s too bad that Pattaya — beginning with my accommodations — seems to be turning into a less than pleasant fit. It is difficult, for example, to get in the proper mood for my entertaining style of memoir writing when dealing with an invasion of insects. (Also makes me reluctant to bring anyone home for the night.) And when I wish to make a quick 7-Eleven run, I have to cautiously navigate my way down a narrow street, there being no sidewalks. I normally enjoy taking walks, but not if I have to be constantly looking back over my shoulder for tuk-tuks.

And don’t get me started on the mongrel howling that punctures the stillness of a peaceful night. Good thing I long ago learned the importance of bringing earplugs along on my travels.

I probably shouldn’t be speculating in this fashion, being in a gloomy mood this evening, but it may be that Thailand isn’t going to work out. I have always been one who requires a certain degree of comfort in his surroundings and such things as buggy apartments, noisy neighborhoods and traffic dodging do not go over well. (Even my bed is too hard. I need to go find some kind of mattress cushion so I don’t feel like I’m sleeping on a park bench.)

I’ve now scrubbed down the bathroom sink and counter with liquid soap, which seems to have at least temporarily solved the infestation problem. Also, one of the fellow residents here has told me that once we are into the winter dry season (in another week or two), the ants depart the building to frolic about outside. Either way, I hope to have seen the last of the little marauders.

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