Andreas & Marie Nielsen

Personal Info________________________________________
Father: Andreas Nielsen
Born: October 22, 1830      Tulleboelle Parish  Langeland, Denmark
Died: September 4, 1868    Langeland, Denmark   Age  37
Parents (Father): Niels Godfredsen

Mother: Marie Anne Mikkelsen
Born: January 26, 1835      Lighteby, Tulleboelle Parish  Langeland
Died: Early 1916                Langeland, Denmark   Age  81
Parents: Mikkel Mogensen & Ann Teterodatte

Married: Around 1856 for 12 years

Buried: On the island of Langeland, Denmark. Unfortunately, old graves are reused. Most likely, they would have been buried in the Tulleboelle Parish Cemetery. Monte Wilson did not find any evidence of their graves when he visited there in 1984.

Andreas Neilsen was a “smallholder” which means he farmed a meager portion of land. He was confirmed in 1845 with the records showing his knowledge to be “good” and his behavior “excellent”.

Marie was confirmed in 1849. Little else is known about her. Her son Hans left for America long before she passed away, and though there is evidence he stayed in touch with the family, any correspondence has been lost.

The 1860 Denmark census shows that as of February 1 of that year, the family consisted of the parents, two daughters and Marie’s father, Mikkel Mogensen. This was long before nursing homes, so the responsibility of caring for the elder family members fell upon the children. In the years following the census, another girl and son, Hans, were born.

In 1864, the Second Schleswig War broke out with Denmark fighting the Kingdom of Prussia and the Austrian Empire. Andreas was forced into service and shot in the lung during the battle reportedly made famous by the Danish drummer boy who carried the flag from a fallen officer. Alas, it was the only event worth remembering for the Danes as the one-sided conflict was over within the year. Denmark was forced to give up three Duchies (pieces of territory), which are now part of Germany.

After being wounded, Andreas was sent back home to either recover or die. Rarely did the soldiers of that day receive medical care, and what was available would have been of little help in treating a lung wound. In spite of this, Andreas survived almost four more years — which could hardly have been pleasant. His father-in-law probably assumed many of the family duties and responsibilities.

In December of 1866, Mikkel Morgensen died. Andreas passed away two years later. This left Marie with four children to raise. How she got by is unknown, but it must have taken plenty of hard work and persistence. In hopes of a better life, at least three of the children emigrated to the United States. The other presumably stayed behind to care for her.

Special Note: As of July 2020, Marie’s date of death has been revised. Originally it was April 10, 1899 — taken from the church records in Denmark. However, a recently discovered item in the March 1, 1916 edition of the Eagle Grove Times-Gazette reports the following:

“H. P. Nielsen (Marie’s son) received word last week of the
death of his mother in Denmark. The old lady was eighty-two
years old.”

Children of Andreas & Marie Nielsen

Anne Catherine Nielsen
Born: September 16, 1857Died: Unknown

Marentine Stephine Nielsen
Born: October 18, 1858Died: Unknown

Caroline Andersine Nielsen
Born: May 8, 1861Died: Unknown

Hans Peter Nielsen
Born: December 28, 1863Died: June 17, 1925

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