Frederich & Maren Christiansen

Personal Info________________________________________
Father: Frederik Johansen Christiansen
Born: May 29, 1830             Lindelse Parish  Langeland, Denmark
Died: February 14, 1909      Sioux City, Iowa    Age  78
Parents: Christian Johansen & Karen Hansdatter

Mother: Maren Sophia Madsen
Born: February 6, 1836        Langeland, Denmark
Died: February 23, 1900      Sioux City, Iowa   Age  64
Parents: Madse Olsen & Anne Jacobsdatter

Married: October 1, 1859 for 40 years

Buried: Old Danish (Drake) Cemetery. St. Johns township.
Between Jackson and Hubard, Nebraska.
Now located on private property and has been abandoned.

Frederik Christiansen was a “cooper” by profession. This meant that he made wooden tubs and casks such as barrels for a living.

Not much is known about Maren. Her parents never married and there is some question as to whether Madse Olsen, a blacksmith, was actually her father. It could not have been an easy upbringing.

After marrying, Frederick and Maren lived on the Danish island of Langeland. The tale of how they made it to America is a common one and says much about the closeness of their family. First their son Richard, an intelligent and talented man, left for the United States. He then saved up enough money to bring over his parents. Frederik joined his son working as a cooper, and together they helped the rest of the family made the journey.

The Christiansens settled around Sioux City, Iowa. Later some of the children moved east, halfway across the state, to Eagle Grove.

An old photograph shows Frederik and Maren as short, heavyset people. Both lived to what was then considered an ripe old age and this trait was passed on to most of the children as shown below.

Children of Frederich & Maren Christiansen

Caroline Christiansen (Hansen) – Housewife
Born: January 27, 1858Died: August 8, 1945   Age  87

Anne K. Christiansen – Housewife
Born: 1860Died: 1920   Age  60

Richard Christiansen – Cooper
Born: February 27, 1862Died: Unknown

Louise Christiansen – Housewife
Born: January 27, 1864Died: February 12, 1943   Age  79

Karintine Christiansen – Housewife
Born: July, 1866Died: 1945   Age  79

Josephine Mary Christiansen (Nielsen) – Housewife
Born: September 12, 1869Died: January 18, 1955   Age   85

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